Living and Working in the District: Office Space Options

Living and Working in the District: Office Space Options

“The work environment is very important in determining how enjoyable work is.” So says Kumar Mangalam Birla, one of the world’s leading business people. These days, given that nearly a quarter of the country’s self-employed population works remotely and close to four million employees work remotely at least half the time, U.S. workers have more control than ever before over their work environments. And that means more control over how enjoyable we find our work.


D.C.: A Capital Abuzz 

With so much going on in the nation’s capital at any given time, many non-traditional professionals are likely to find themselves in Washington, D.C. at some point – and with work to do. Washington offers numerous options for the modern workforce, from dining to living, to, well, working. Gone are the days of stuffy, dark, windowless conference rooms, or their former alternative, noisy coffee shops with dodgy WiFi. These days professionals have options when it comes to office space, both shared and temporary, and both physical and virtual. Of course, not all such spaces are created equal, and the best of them take into account not just work, but work-life balance. 

Not All Office Space is Created Equal

In recent years many remote workspace companies have popped up, and many have District addresses. But trying to actually get to them may mean taking the Metro, a bus, and two Ubers. (What’s more stressful than rush-hour traffic?) Metro Offices, by contrast, has three no-car-needed locations in the parts of D.C. tourists would recognize. Our Metro Center, Dupont Circle, and Farragut North properties are all in the neighborhoods where large companies have their headquarters, congressional staffers of all ranks get their lunches, and where Wolf Blitzer might just be seen picking up his dry cleaning.

With 25 years of experience in the office space market, we’re no newbie to the professional-settings business. Long before many other companies, we foresaw a shift in the way many people would soon begin to work – remotely, on the go in multiple cities over a short period, and/or in a collaborative manner in central locations other than corporate headquarters. And we created office spaces to fit that new work style.

Temporary, Shared, Virtual? Metro Offices Has It All

At each of our three D.C. spots, Metrorail’s red line delivers riders practically to the front door. Every location has multiple co-working/shared office spaces, including comfortable, quiet huddle rooms with lightning-speed WiFi, private rooms for quiet work or more confidential gatherings and elegantly appointed conference facilities — all with availability that can be tailored to a variety of schedules.

For those needing a conference room for a two-hour meeting with out-of-town clients, we can set them up. Those wanting to do a six-month stretch of daily, head-down writing work on their laptops followed by evening workouts can also call on any one of our three D.C. locations because each has a fully equipped fitness center. And what about new companies seeking virtual receptionists and a physical address for mail? Yes, we can help with that, too.

What’s for Lunch? 

But back to that work-life balance. Between calls and brainstorm sessions, professionals still need to eat. Luckily, genuinely good food – fit for any budget or diet –is easy to find in these neighborhoods, all just a quick walk from the nearest Metro Offices space.

For those seeking a quick, wallet-friendly bite they can take back to their laptops, Dupont, Metro Center and Farragut all boast daily, several-hours-long food-trucks stops, with options varying from Latin-Asian fusion, to Brooklyn-style brisket and bagels, to southern barbecue, to just cookies and milk. The wait time for this freshly prepared, restaurant-quality food will generally be under 10 minutes — and those who find a favorite truck can always follow its daily route on Twitter so they know when they can catch it next.

Lunch with Amenities

Metro Office clients and guests don’t need to leave the building to get great food near one of our D.C. locations. At our Dupont office, they can choose to go only as far as the ground floor, where retail includes a full-service, sit-down restaurant (as well as a bank and day spa/salon). At the Farragut location, those with last night’s leftovers can even brown-bag it on the rooftop terrace in nice weather.

Professionals who need lunch brought in for a client or company meeting should no longer fear the soggy-sandwiches-and-chips combo of delivered business lunches past. Catering options with quick and easy access to one of Metro Offices’ D.C. spaces range from Cosi to Moby Dick House of Kabob, to Protein Bar and even District Taco.

Trusted Name in Office Space

Finding options for shared, coworking and temporary office space in D.C. with all the amenities has never been easier. But only one name has the combination of deep expertise, experience and best-in-class office design, amenities and location: Metro Offices. To learn more about us, our options and our locations, visit our website today!


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