Make or break: Prioritize customer satisfaction

Make or break: Prioritize customer satisfaction

While profit is all we need, experts say that the secret to keeping a business up and running is customer satisfaction. If you lose consumer trust, it can be the start of a downward spiral for your venture. Apparently, “satisfaction” has a price attach to it – it is what your buyers pay for, anyway, and neglecting this vital aspect can directly impact your account.

Of course, you already know how easy it is for people to pass around their good or bad impressions about your product or service. ‘Word of mouth’ is a powerful marketing truth; it can make or break your business. That is why it is important for any business owner to make sure that he/she maintains a good image because a single dismayed client can spark controversy and put a dent on the company’s reputation.

Here is one apparently dissatisfied client ranting about a bad service, as shared by Washington Post:

Make your building inviting, and ensure that your parking options are the best they can be. Make sure you have a real person available to talk to customers over the phone. Learn people’s names and use them appropriately. If you have rest rooms, are they clean? Is your web site interesting, engaging and easy to navigate?

In a large market like Washington DC and Arlington area, you can expect to encounter different sorts of customer behavior. If you are engage in a private professional practice – such as a law or accounting firm, or a diagnostic clinic – that attends to clients almost on a daily basis, it is rather your responsibility to extend the best customer service, such as conducting operations in an accessible and comfortable Arlington office space.

We at Metro Office can offer you not only a prime office space in Arlington VA but we also make sure that you are provided with excellent features and amenities to assist your customer service efforts, such as a dedicated person professionally-trained to answer your phones, forward messages, and assist you with scheduling.

We also take the time to understand your business so we are able to jump right in and assist you in every way. We have other customer-centered packages covered in our Business Support Services.

(Article Excerpt from Waiting game: Why small businesses won’t hire, The Washington Post, June 9, 2014)


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