Metro Connect Essentials: Avail Your Own Customer Care

Metro Connect Essentials: Avail Your Own Customer Care

Operating business from home has its share of convenience but it also has its downsides especially in the aspect of communication. You need to have an efficient communication facility in place to ensure a smooth transaction between you, your suppliers, and customers. And since communication can directly affect your sales, it is best that you staff your office with good people who are good at it. They have to possess a natural flair for customer care.

Furthermore, you need people who are fast learners, can take directions well, and are willing to learn about your company and the products or services you offer in order for them to properly handle sales talk. Having great communication is the best asset a company can have and it will definitely lead to boost in sales and guarantees that customers will come back to do business with you again.

You don’t need to look far if you need a good customer care staff for your business. We at Metro Offices, the premiere provider of office space in Washington DC, can provide the right people and communication solutions for you. If you avail our Metro Connect Essentials package, we will provide you with:

• Local Telephone Number

• Voicemail

• Call Answering

• Call Forwarding

These functions are operated by our highly trained professionals who have all the traits needed to conduct an impeccable business communications between you and your client.

Metro Offices has served the Metro DC area for more than 24 years efficiently assisting businesses of all sizes to effectively operate – from mail services and virtual phone systems to providing office space in Washington DC– in Connecticut Avenue, Farragut and Metro Center, as well as in select locations in Arlington/Ballston, Herndon/Dulles, Fairfax, Reston, Tysons in Virginia and Chevy Chase, Maryland.

If you want to avail this package, click this link and get started with Metro Connect Essentials.

If you think that this package does not quite suit your needs, you can go to and browse through our other offers.


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