Metro Offices Marks 26th Anniversary as a Leading Provider of DC Office Space

Metro Offices Marks 26th Anniversary as a Leading Provider of DC Office Space
Metro Offices anniversary lunch Members of the Metro Offices team received customized notebooks in recognition of the company’s 26th anniversary. Pictured are (L-R) Liz Langley, Kelly Bedsole, Kathlene Buchanan and Korie Mulkowsky.

On April 1, Metro Offices marked its 26th anniversary as a highly regarded provider of office and meeting space in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. The first Metro Offices center was opened in Northern Virginia in 1989, and the company has rapidly expanded to encompass nine additional locations throughout the Metro area. The tenth Metro Offices location, Tysons at Greensboro Station Place, is slated to open on May 1.

Kathlene Buchanan, founder and CEO of Metro Offices, acknowledges that the office workspace has undergone dramatic change in recent years. “Today’s workplace has changed immensely since I started Metro Offices in 1989, but we continue to innovate to meet the evolving needs of our clients. That is the secret to our success,” said Buchanan. “We have been fortunate to flourish right alongside our 30,000+ clients. And in that time we have learned from, and been inspired by, our extraordinary and dynamic members.”

“We continue to be a trusted partner for businesses and government agencies, large and small. We believe that the ideal workspace offers a variety of choices that meet many unique work styles,” continued Buchanan. “There is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ workspace solution and our offerings and community of professionals reflect that.”

The one-size-fits-all model definitely wasn’t used for the new Tysons, VA, office space. Tysons at Greensboro Station Place is not business as usual! Inside you’ll find micro-offices, private offices, coworking space, FlexDesks, member lounges, community cafes, team rooms, multi-office suites, meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, a relaxation room, a game room with local brew on tap, a wine bar and more!

Tysons at Greensboro Station is now pre-leasing; become a member today by calling (844) 967-5762 or request a quote.


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