Metro Offices Offers Versatile Office Solutions to Suit Your Unique Work Style

Metro Offices Offers Versatile Office Solutions to Suit Your Unique Work Style

An office space is a company asset that plays utmost importance because it makes the business process more organized, helps in better accommodating customers and gives the company a good image. Can you imagine not having a physical or even a virtual space to conduct your business operations?

For example, if you have put up a personal online store or engaged in a direct marketing business, you can’t possibly carry a smooth transaction with your customers on a day-to-day basis if you are loosely based just about anywhere in DC, Maryland, or Virginia. At one point, you have to find your quarters to lessen costs and save you time from hopping one city to another.

And since time can translate to money, you can expect nothing less than diminished income that will ultimately lead to business failure. We at Metro Offices understand that a virtual office in DC, Virginia or Maryland is essential to any business that is why we provide the following Versatile Office packages to suit your unique work-style and business needs:

• Metro MemberAccess Membership
– $59 per month
– Flash this card at any Metro Offices. You gain instant access to business ready workspace every day of the week, for up to 3 hours per day, with Internet. No reservation required! Go to this page to get started:

• Metro Mail
– $75 per month
– Make our professional addresses yours. Perfect for start-ups, ‘solopreneurs’, home based businesses, companies that want to establish a professional address in the market or businesses that just need a little extra help with incoming & outgoing mail. If you’re interested in this package go to this page:

• Metro Connect Essentials
– $90 per month
– Metro Connect Essentials provides you with exactly what you need to get started including: dedicated front desk coordinators to answer your phone calls in your company name and forward your calls to the appropriate person. Every call is answered within 3 rings or less! Know more about this offer here:

• Metro Connect Enhanced
– Just $45 when you purchase Metro Connect Essentials
Consolidate all your communications into a single, easy-to-use interface. Our intuitive desktop interface and simple click-and-drag control make it easy to learn and use. More details here:

• Workspace Options
Achieve excellence with day offices and meeting rooms that are built to enhance your performance. Book your workspace 24/7 via an online portal. Rooms come with Wi-Fi, self-serve gourmet coffees and teas, and filtered water. See more of what’s in store for you here:

• FlexDesk
Unique to Metro Offices, FlexDesk offers members to work from a semi-private, professional environment for a fraction of the cost of a private office! Go to this page and get started with your new office space:

All of our DC virtual office space solutions are available in 3 convenient locations: Connecticut Avenue, Farragut, and Metro Center, as well as in Arlington/Ballston, Herndon/Dulles, Fairfax, Reston, and Tysons in Virginia, and Chevy Chase in Maryland. Metro Offices will help you achieve maximum capacity and output that will ensure a profitable business endeavor.

Go to this page, choose a package that suits your needs and get started with your new office space:

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