More Bikeshare Options in Reston

More Bikeshare Options in Reston

City bike sharing programs have rapidly increased in popularity in the past few years. Their accessibility and affordability allow commuters and office workers to avoid the stress of congested traffic in car parks. In line with this trend, a new Capital Bikeshare location recently opened at Lake Anne in Reston. Here, Metro Offices, your expert provider of office space for lease, explains how the bikeshare can benefit businesses in the area.

Bikeshare Location on Office Rentals

Increased Time Efficiency

The transition from private vehicles to public or non-motorized transit helps reduce traffic congestion. On average, a car commuter loses up to 42 hours yearly to traffic. With the new Capital Bikeshare location, companies and employees can benefit from less stressful and more efficient commutes, which will positively affect their productivity and performance at work. This leads to growth and success for both the employees and the company.

Improved Health

Biking also doubles as exercise, something that most workers nowadays often have trouble fitting into their busy schedules. Physically and mentally healthy employees make a more productive workforce. The shorter commute allows people to get involved in different activities that can improve their mind and body. A healthy workforce greatly reduces absenteeism and increases quantity and quality of work.

At Metro Offices, we offer office space for rent that can help improve your company’s productivity, business agility, and appeal. With community cafes and member lounges, you can enhance the overall working experience for your team.

Metro Offices offers a range of office space solutions that cater to different business needs. Our coworking spaces are designed to increase collaboration and community engagement, while our day offices feature a bright and airy environment and HON furniture that provides a crisp, modern aesthetic.

The right office space can do wonders for your business. Metro Offices can help you find the ideal space that will suit your needs. We serve Reston, VA, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about our different office spaces.

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