Office Design Elements That Can Affect Employee Productivity

Office Design Elements That Can Affect Employee Productivity

Your office environment can have a significant impact on your team’s productivity, morale, creativity, and the quality of their work. Research shows that shared office space and other innovative workspace solutions can help maximize employee productivity. Today, Metro Offices discusss the elements of a productive office design.

Elements That Can Affect Employee Productivity

Inclusive Design

Studies have revealed that co-working is not only good for both the physical and mental health of employees—it can also make them more productive workers. When investing in a coworking space, we recommend taking into account characteristics of your employees like gender, age, and specific needs they might have. You want to make the workspace as comfortable as possible for all your employees.

Interior Layout

Your office needs to provide a balance between an open plan and cubicle layout. It’s best to create areas where multiple employees from different teams can easily interact and share ideas, along with private spaces where people can work alone and concentrate. Our shared office space accomplishes all of this by fostering collaboration as well as concentration.


Your office needs to allow for the expansion or contraction of your business and provide cultural and organizational flexibility. Modular furniture and partitioning systems can help with this goal. You should also consider working with a flexible workspace provider like Metro Offices. With our wide range of office space set-ups, we can provide you with the right workspace solution for your business.


Your employees need to feel comfortable while working. Eliminate distractions by controlling the air quality, noise, ventilation, and temperature levels. Your office design needs to take into account artificial light levels and natural daylight. Improving employee comfort also involves providing a place where employees can relax during breaks.

Our shared office space has all the elements of a productive office design. It’s comfortable, inclusive, and flexible. It also has a great interior layout. We provide workspace solutions for a wide range of businesses including start-ups, distributed workforces, government contractors, and entrepreneurs. We’re the leading choice for workspace solutions in Washington, DC, and Arlington, VA. Call us at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about the elements of a productive office design.

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