Office Space in Fairfax, VA May Face Increasing Demand

Office Space in Fairfax, VA May Face Increasing Demand

Major coastal cities have long been the location of choice for skilled workers. In light of increasing housing costs and employment difficulties affecting everyone, many are turning their attention to less traditional locations. Attracted by lower costs of living and competitive pay relative to anticipated expenses, many are relocating to cities like Denver, Houston, Austin, Portland, and Fairfax.


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The arrival of these individuals spells change for these cities and the areas surrounding them. Affordable housing brings with it a higher rate of home ownership and a lower rate of job vacancies. A recent article from the Wall Street Journal takes a closer look at this shift:

[I]f professionals young and old fan out to more places, that could spread the nation’s talents more widely. A broader dispersal of America’s skilled workers eventually could mean more jobs and new businesses, boosting the economy’s dynamism.

Seattle’s King County […] has been the biggest beneficiary of the shift, with the number of these highly educated professionals increasing by 3,617 between 2008 and 2012, the analysis shows. […] Other big draws include Austin’s Travis County and Phoenix’s Maricopa County. Several of the top counties, such as Virginia’s Fairfax County, are part of the broader Washington, D.C., area.

Increasing numbers of professionals moving in could translate into an increasing demand for office space in Fairfax VA. Obviously, if you’re one of those seeking to start up a new business or professional practice, this is the time to start thinking about looking for a suitable place to set things in motion.

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(Article excerpt and image from “Cities See a ‘Bright Flight’”, Wall Street Journal, April 4, 2014)

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