Part 3: The Benefits of Shared Workspaces and Shared Services

Part 3: The Benefits of Shared Workspaces and Shared Services

What Makes An Office Space Worth Sharing

We now understand why buying our own office space is not ideal, and we’ve discussed why sharing a workspace is infinitely better than renting a space on your own. Now, let’s delve further into the conditions that make an office space worth sharing.

Of course, not all office spaces are designed to be shared. Some will be really well-suited to your needs but not quite what your “partner” company or co-sharer may need. A lot of spaces will only truly be good for one business. So, what is it should you look for when looking for office space to co-share?

Comprehensive Technological Suite

The right IT environment makes all the difference in the world, whether or not you are a tech startup. One with cloud-based storage, for instance, can secure your business data and processes better than, say, one with a simple IT setup. Communication platforms should also be comprehensive. Invest in a workplace solutions provider that features enterprise-class technologies for conference meetings and day-to-day operations. Also, make sure your chosen provider offers excellent technical support.

An Engaging Environment

Your workplace should also be fun and engaging, with amenities that make for easy communication among your workers. Some workplace solutions providers have cafes where entrepreneurs can lounge and chat, as well as network with like-minded individuals. Some even have game and relaxation rooms to allow your workers a bit of leisure time.

Functional and Secure

If comfort is a priority, so must be functionality and security. When push comes to shove, your office should also be able to accommodate your employees’ need for concentration and privacy. Fortunately, there are providers that can offer you private spaces where you can hold closed-door meetings when you need to do so.

Flexible Terms

Your contract should also be flexible, according you with the freedom to pick your own terms. For instance, some commercial spaces allow month-to-month contracts; while others require yearly leases. Opt for a setup that satisfies your requirements, as well as meets your budget.

One Last Thing

Since 2005, the number of co-working spaces in the US has skyrocketed to more than 700 – and there are a lot of reasons why this is so. If you decide that this is the way to go, you can count on having a lot to gain. Just make sure that you choose the right workplace solutions provider – with the right terms – so as to make the most out of your startup. Choose well, and you’ll be sure to take your business to where you want it to be.


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