Practical Tips for Owners: Affordable Office Rental in Washington DC

Practical Tips for Owners: Affordable Office Rental in Washington DC

The location of one’s office, more often than not, determines the success or failure of the business. Finding an office rental in Washington DC, a busy and thriving commercial district, may not be that tough a task, but finding the right one may be the real challenge. Below are some tips to help business owners decide the best office match for their business needs:


First Impression

You need to make your customers feel welcome and impressed enough to keep coming back. Find an office that exudes a good vibe. From the outside, you can tell how well management gives importance to the upkeep of the building by how well it maintains its outside premises. Is the spot of green professionally landscaped and swept clean?. Is the entrance kept free of obstruction, whether of bushes or snow pile-up? When the building premises are maintained well, you can be sure your clients—and employees—can walk in and feel welcomed and assured of who they’re dealing with.

Location and Commute Time in its article points out how important it is to consider the commute time between home and office. “If you have employees, you’ll want to think about how easy it is for them to travel to the office, too. Though it might seem to make more sense budget-wise to rent a cheaper office in a more rural location, you might be doing a disservice to your clients… Finally, think about the visibility of your location. If your office is out of the way, it’s unlikely you’ll get new customers on a walk-in basis,” the article states.

Room and Layout

Maybe you already found the perfect office space in the best area possible, but, before you close the deal, ask yourself how the the office area will be used. Be mindful of how things could work out best—if an open plan is better where productive consultations among employees become necessary, or if privacy is the one more valued.

The Lease

Signing a lease would mean a commitment on your part to stay for the duration of your lease contract. Before signing, always keep in mind your business’ plan for growth. However, when planning your lease, settle for an office space that your current budget will allow, and not base it on a prediction of future cash flows.

When considering an office space for lease in Washington DC, always keep within your plan and budget to allow your business some wiggle room to grow. There are companies like Metro Offices that offer work space solutions to fit anyone’s business needs and requirements, and budget.

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