Prevent Wifi Hacking

Prevent Wifi Hacking


Let’s visualize a scene for a moment: you’re in a coffee shop, sipping your latte and getting some work done. You decide to take a break and browse some sites. You find an unsecure network (no password required) and click on that to have access to the web. You check your bank account, your email, and your Facebook page during this time.

Unfortunately, coffee shops are a common place where hackers dwell. Once you launch into any personal website containing confidential information (log ins and passwords), the hackers are able to access that same information. They are able to see all activity on your computer while it’s going through that unsecure network. Now imagine if you used the same password for all of your login information…the damage could be total!

How To Prevent Hacking

The most obvious step is to only use secure networks that encrypt your data. The encryption means that even if your account is broken into, the hacker will only see scrambled letters.

Another thing you can look for is to find a network that says “https” in the address. The “s” means SSL (secure socket layer) and that encrypts your data between the computer and the website you are surfing. Most major websites have this enabled.

So, in a nutshell, here are the 3 things you should be doing to ensure the safety of your information when surfing on an unsecure network:

  • Important tasks like online banking should be saved for home use only
  • Don’t connect to any public or unsecure networks (if you must, go ahead and shell out the few extra bucks for the paid option – it will be worth it!)
  • When using a WiFi network, always look for the websites that show “https” in the address bar

I hope this article has helped show you how to protect your sensitive information.

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