Providing Startups with a Prestigious Office Space in Herndon, VA

Providing Startups with a Prestigious Office Space in Herndon, VA

Peter S. Cohan’s article for explains the importance of choosing the right location for your startup office. According to Cohan, a business’ chance for success is greater when it is strategically located, and in close proximity to the things that may impact the business.

It’s popular to believe location is irrelevant because you can start your company anywhere and reach employees and customers at any time of day via email text, voice and video. But location matters tremendously because it determines whether your startup has access to resources needed to grow.


In starting a business, you have to maximize all your resources to minimize loss. Many startup businesses face the challenge of a limited capital that prevents them from setting up a permanent office space in a desired location. While a business these days may be run from home or any place which provides Internet access, its credibility may be set back without the proper office address. The virtual office services and facilities offered by providers like Metro Office can serve to bridge the gap between a limited capital and the need for a credible business address.

While there are several companies that offer such a service, only a few like Metro Offices can provide them in locations that can promote a business’ growth. For example, startups in Northern Virginia may benefit from a close proximity to an international airport or a vibrant business center. A virtual office space in Herndorn, VA which is close to the Dulles Airport and Tysons Corner can offer a startup business lots of logistical advantages.

Peter Cohan’s article further says:

Investors often like to be close to the businesses they invest in. That’s why it can be helpful to locate near the offices of venture capitalists that specialize in your industry.

While office design and setup contribute much to company productivity, location remains an influential factor. Having the best equipment and most exquisite workstations may not help much if your business is situated far from cities and growing communities like Herndon, Virginia, a town that’s expected to experience economic explosion in a few years. A virtual Herndorn office space can increase a startup business’ chance for stability, which is usually followed by expansion.

(Article Excerpt and Image From: 6 Ways Your Startup’s Location Can Boost Your Bottom Line,, May 30, 2013)


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