Saving the Tysons Corner Food Trucks

Saving the Tysons Corner Food Trucks

In February of 2013, reported that some food trucks parked amid the high-rise buildings in Tysons Corner were ticketed for infractions like parking in a prohibited area of the street or parking and selling in a business district. In an interview with, one frequent customer expressed her support for the vendors, saying that the food trucks were a convenient alternative in terms of not having to deal with heavy traffic during lunch.

Later that year, Fairfax County officials pursued regulations to allow food truck operations in Tysons Corner. Thanks to these regulations, many people once again could enjoy the delicious meals sold by the variety of food trucks. If you’re working in a tysons corner office space, you’ve probably had some of their tasty and healthy options.

However, in early September last year, Fairfax County police told several food trucks to move along because of violations in selling commercial merchandise on a public road. Despite the growing support and sympathy that these food trucks received from patrons, Fairfax County remained firm in prohibiting commercial merchandise from being sold in public roads.

Vendor Guidelines

To avoid a $50 ticket, all the food truck vendors complied. But many remain puzzled and hesitant as to why they were asked to leave. According to, the issue stemmed from a Fairfax Country ordinance stating, “Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) regulations and Chapter 82-1-30 County Code prohibit the sales from vehicles parked along roads, highways or streets. Food trucks may not sell food while parked along any street in the Country. Violators may be ticketed by Fairfax County Police Department.”

Fairfax County’s New Regulations

Good news for food truck vendors came in October 2014, when Fairfax County approved rules permitting food trucks to do business in shopping centers, office buildings, and construction sites. The trucks are allowed to operate on private property with permission from property owners, a $100 annual zoning permit, a food establishment permit, and a solicitor’s license. However, the state still prohibits food trucks from operating on any public road. Officials can revoke a food truck permit or a property owner’s permit if it doesn’t comply with the zoning rules.

Although the new rules don’t come without restrictions, the important thing is that vendors can once again continue to make a living and Tysons employees can say goodbye to bagged lunches and sometimes-unhealthy fast-food options in favor of tofu tacos and lobsta rolls.

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