Senate Passes Bill to Expand Telework: DC Telework Solutions Simplify the Process

Senate Passes Bill to Expand Telework: DC Telework Solutions Simplify the Process

The push for DC telework and telework programs in Federal agencies and DC government contractors received support from the Senate on September 29, when it unanimously approved legislation to increase telework opportunities throughout the government. The bill requires federal agencies to determine employees’ ability and eligibility to telecommute with 180 days.

During this 180-day period, agencies are also called to establish specific telework policies as well as create written agreements with employees who are deemed eligible to telework. Additionally, the legislation requires government agencies to edit their business continuity plans to include telework and bring managers and employees up-to-date on these new policies and procedures.

The bill will now await the vote from the House lawmakers, who passed a related measure this summer.

Federal agencies working to integrate telework can benefit from telework solutions designed to streamline telecommuting efforts and keep employees productive as they work remotely. With the right solutions in place, agencies can continue business as usual without having to pause for reorganization.

Federal managers have expressed the need for a high-level of security measures as well as cutting-edge technology to ensure the agencies can continue to meet all of their business objectives in a timely fashion. Teaming up with a DC telework solutions provider enables to managers to create solid plans for continuity of operations.

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