Sensible Fairfax, VA Office Space Solutions for Various Businesses

Sensible Fairfax, VA Office Space Solutions for Various Businesses

A lot more businesses these days are breaking free of traditional office setups in search of economically beneficial and flexible office space solutions. Dave Donovan’s article for Small Business Advice shows how startup businesses can benefit from using shared office spaces where several companies make use of the same facilities and support staff for better efficiency and reduced operating expenses. He also lists location and service flexibility as the top two considerations for every would-be shared office user.


Location is extremely important for your business, so this needs to be a primary consideration, especially if you have to deal with customers or clients visiting your office. For instance: does the office building have sufficient parking? Is your office easy to reach? Is it wheelchair accessible? Is it in a safe neighborhood? Are there amenities nearby, like restaurants and hotels, for visiting out of town clients? What is the rush hour traffic like? …

A city center office in an urban county like Fairfax, Virginia is likely to be your best option if you’re planning to start up a bit more aggressively. With over 34,000 payroll establishments across the metropolis, you’ll have a sizable market to fuel your business. However, merely securing centrally located office space in Fairfax, VA isn’t all it takes to ensure success.

In short, your chosen office space in Fairfax should be the perfect fit. As such, you should also consider your exact business needs in terms of equipment and office administrative support services. If you’d rather not hire additional staff, then you might find it extremely sensible to look for an office center solutions provider—such as Metro Offices, for instance—that can take care of all your non-core business functions. In any case, Donovan states that it pays to weigh one’s options carefully.

Some multi-business office buildings offer a host of beneficial options like conference rooms, a receptionist, a telephone answering system, and more. Of course, having these luxuries could result in an increased rental cost, but if they prove to be beneficial to your business, then the added cost may be worth it.

Office centers run by companies like Metro Offices also offer high-speed internet access, audio and video conferencing capabilities, and a full range of technical support services that can help you run your business more smoothly. Rather than build an office from scratch, which entails a considerable investment, you might want to check out more viable office space solutions.

(Article Excerpt and Image from What to Look for When Choosing Shared Office Space, Small Business Advice)


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