Telecommuting and the Problems We Face

Telecommuting and the Problems We Face

It’s no secret that telecommuting is rapidly changing the business world as we know it. President Obama has even approved a bill giving government agencies 180 days to create telework programs for employees. Telecommuting is proven to save companies and the government billions of dollars a year which is why companies are quickly adopting telecommuting for their own employees. Metro Offices has been a leader in telework solutions for the Washington D.C. area for many years and can offer business owners some advice when it comes to communicating with telecommuting employees.

So what happens to office communications when your employees are all working from different locations? How do you keep communications clear and everyone on the same page? Sometimes phone calls, emails and instant messengers just aren’t enough. Well Metro Offices can help! We offer a program called Telework Plus which is essentially our telework services plus our virtual office services. It’s important that you gather your telecommuting employees together multiple times a year and our premier and accessible meeting locations around the D.C. area are perfect for team meetings.

You can also hold social, after work and holiday events for your entire staff. Many of these events can be held at Metro Office locations for your convince.

It’s important to keep trust alive and build relationships between co-workers and involving all of your employees in work procedures as well as casual events is the best way to do this. Without these things it can be easy for companies to sacrifice production and efficiency.

Contact us at Metro Offices and let us help you with your telecommuting solutions today!

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