Telework During Hurricane Sandy

Telework During Hurricane Sandy

Sandy pummeled the East Coast a few days ago and has left over 2 million residents without power. This is the third major storm to hit the Eastern Seaboard in the past 2 years – the first was Hurricane Irene, the second being the massive blizzard last October.

Fortunately DC escaped the worst of the storm, while New York and New Jersey suffered the brunt of it. Even though DC faired rather well, flood warnings are in effect for the rest of this week. Please show caution when driving!

Sandy has caused power outages, flooding, and mass devastation across DC, New Jersey and New York. All public transit in the major cities were shut down due to damage, which means if you commute to work, you were unable to get into the office.

Natural disasters are real-life examples that testify to the benefits of telework. When you have the option of telework, not being able to get into the office doesn’t have to mean that you put your work on hold. For some companies, any downtime can be extremely detrimental to their bottom line. You can avoid this by ensuring your company has practices in place for continuing business operations in the midst of disaster. Stay connected with your company’s network through our VOIP platform. Our Telework Plus solution allows our clients to access all their information from any place they have an internet connection.

This is the third major natural disaster to rock the East Coast in two years. It’s definitely time to consider a back up plan for your business if you don’t already have one in place!

If you are interested in the different telework plans that Metro Offices offers, contact us here and someone will be in touch with you shortly! It is our desire and mission to keep everyone connected so that there isn’t any downtime when it comes to business continuity.

Sending good thoughts and prayers to all affected by the storm.

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