Telework is a Win-Win for Businesses and Employees

Telework is a Win-Win for Businesses and Employees

Ready to get out of the office for good?

The case for telework seems to be increasing daily as more and more people begin to recognize the financial and productivity benefits telework provides. Even bestselling author and top online entrepreneur Seth Godin wrote a recent blog post entitled “Goodbye to the office,” suggesting in ten years the TV show “The Office” will be seen as a “quaint antique.” Godin points to the reality that current technology makes it possible for employees to work anywhere, anytime.

He writes that the benefits of working outside of the office are significant “in speed, productivity and happiness …” The fact is in today’s high-tech, fast-paced world there is less and less need to spend each and every day working behind the walls of the office (or worse yet, cubicle). Why deal with a stressful commute and disruptive office environment when you can access any work-related information you need anywhere you have Internet access?

Your home office.

Your bed.

The doctor’s office waiting room.


Coffee shop.

The school parking lot while you wait for kids to get out of class.

With telework, you get to choose the best work environment for your unique needs. Not only does this approach provide a healthier work-life balance, but studies have shown teleworkers get more accomplished in less time, require less leave time, and are more loyal to their companies. It’s a win-win for the business and employee.

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