Telework is Not Just about Employee Satisfaction

Telework is Not Just about Employee Satisfaction

Often telework supporters point to the fact that employees who have the freedom to telework are happier, more loyal to the company and less likely to search for jobs elsewhere. But employee morale and satisfaction are just a tiny sliver of the pie when it comes to the benefits of teleworking.

Businesses that have incorporated successful telework programs know that the right combination of telework solutions increases productivity and flexibility. Additionally, transitioning from office-based employees to teleworkers means reduced costs for office space, maintenance and administration.

Some companies can even eliminate the traditional office space and go office-less, which greatly benefits the bottom line. Instead of using the office for day-to-day office tasks that can be completed remotely, teleworkers can reserve affordable, on-demand DC meeting rooms and Executive Offices for times when a professional physical workspace is necessary.

Creating Confidence in Telework

Federal agencies and DC government contractors often express concern that telework may not provide the security necessary to keep classified information protected. However, DC telework solutions, including executive office spaces, are secure, enabling contractors and federal employees to work on confidential tasks and handle sensitive information discreetly.

Locked, private offices and managed, secure IT infrastructure make DC telework solutions the ideal package for federal agencies. With the right solutions in place, teleworkers can focus on the tasks at hand, rather than worrying about privacy issues.

More and more federal agencies and government contractors DC are experiencing the numerous ways telework solutions improve business. As the doors are wide open for more agencies to establish healthy telework programs, now is the right time to take advantage of the proven telework solutions available to gain a competitive edge.

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