Telework Meeting Spaces in Washington DC

Telework Meeting Spaces in Washington DC

Our meeting spaces in Washington DC are fully equipped for the best of your teleworking needs. Our spaces come ready for use with top of the line equipment and technology, a professionally trained staff to help you with any office tasks, and special perks like on site fitness centers, banks and covered parking.

As a small business owner, why should you consider a virtual office in Washington DC? Below are some reasons a DC office space for teleworking purposes may be ideal for you:

In large cities, it’s the norm to be stuck in traffic for at least 10 hours per week. That’s over a full day’s worth of work! If you take away that time spent on the road, you are then free to increase your productivity. You can have more time to spend on projects, sales calls, and other work-related duties. That’s 50+ hours a week  you will be saving yourself.

Most small businesses simply can’t afford to have a swanky office, a prestigious address, and a full staff. Teleworking allows companies with limited budgets to have the appearance of prestige, by obtaining all of the above at a fraction of the cost. Telework allows you to save money each month, which means you can allocate funds to focus on growth and marketing. Our meeting spaces in Washington DC provide you with a convenient office location close to Capitol Hill, a professional receptionist to answer your business phone calls, and a respite from additional building fees like electricity bills, parking, cleaning, maintenance, internet, etc.

This plays heavily into my last point. The topic of rent alone can cause anxiety in most small business owners and baby startups. Companies in their infancy typically do not have the extra cash to boot for renting out a space. This is why teleworking is ideal: you can have an office in a premium location without having to pay premium rent.

Are you interested in a virtual office in Washington DC? Please contact Metro Offices and someone will get in touch with you immediately.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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