Telework Saves Productivity During the Holidays

Telework Saves Productivity During the Holidays

Sometimes it seems like the business world goes on hiatus during the holidays, but I’ve found one way to save productivity is by incorporating DC telework. Let’s face it, during this time of year, employees are either taking vacation days, or calling in “sick,” or daydreaming about sugarplum fairies while they sit in their cubicles. Actual productive work is NOT happening (at least not in most cases). Throw in the office holiday party and a Secret Santa gift exchange, and you blow any hope for accomplishing business tasks during the month.

Isn’t there a better way to let the employees have a little fun for the holidays while keeping productivity high?

Consider this:

  • Employees who have the opportunity to telework have a better work-life balance. Having the tools and support to work remotely allows them to work from home, attend their child’s school winter party at 2, hop back online, and still have a full work-day. No lengthy commute or workplace interruptions necessary.
  • What is going to make an employee feel more valued: the freedom & flexibility of telework….or some fruit cake and cold cheese dip during the office holiday party? Why not nix the holiday parties and gift exchanges this year, save money, and gift your employees with a week of telework? It’s a win-win situation.

Studies have shown that successful telework programs increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Whether you choose to implement telework for the holidays or as part of your business operations plan for 2011, be sure to obtain the support services necessary to set up your employees and business for success.

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