Telework + Washington DC Office Space = Healthier Work/Life Balance

Telework + Washington DC Office Space = Healthier Work/Life Balance

A recent study by Brigham Young University revealed that teleworkers experience less work life-personal life tension than typical office workers, which is a primary reason why Washington DC Office Space can make life easier for DC Metro area workers. Rather than facing a stressful commute to and from work each and every day, teleworkers can work productively at home and have access to Washington DC office space when they need it. The work-life balance is so much easier to achieve when the employee has the flexibility that teleworking and access to DC office space provide.

The DC Metro area is known nation-wide for its especially congested Interstates, making a relatively short distance to the office take a significant chunk of the morning to accomplish. By the time workers make it to the office, they are frazzled by the stress of driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic and the workday hasn’t even yet begun.

Instead of commencing each work day with this scenario, the teleworker has the freedom to begin the workday without even getting in the car not to mention avoiding the stress of congested traffic. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and VoIP platforms, teleworkers can have access to all of their essential information anywhere they have Internet access. They can begin their work day as soon as they get up while still in their pajamas, take a break to get the kids to school, and then right back to work immediately without skipping a beat.

If there is a necessary appointment or doctors office visit on the schedule, rather than having to take the entire day off, teleworkers can easily work in appointments without missing significant work time. An 8-hour work day is easy to achieve, and there are far less disruptions teleworking than experienced in a typical, busy office environment.

Having access to Washington DC office space means that even when teleworkers require a fully-equipped office or professional DC meeting space they can reserve one nearby in one of the many Metro Office locations throughout the DC Metro, including Northern Virginia and Maryland. No lengthy commute required.

In today’s hectic world, it is difficult to find the right balance between personal life and work life, but teleworking combined with access to Washington DC office space provides a practical business solution.

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