Telework Week 2012

Telework Week 2012

Telework Week is coming up soon (March 5-9) and will be the second annual endeavor to motivate federal agencies and individuals to implement alternative workplace solutions with their companies. Like last year, most participators will be using this week to develop a business continuity plan that allows for fluid workplaces on demand. Part of the process is practicing drills and back up plans so that employees know what to do in the case of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Think in terms of the catastrophic snowstorms in 2011 that left thousands without power and snow-covered city streets. In situations like this, a teleworker set up with the proper mobile tools would still be able to continue with work.

Stats from last year:

  • 40,000 pledges (86% came from federal agencies)
  • Workers saved $2.7 million in commuting costs
  • Workers saved average 2 hours from commutes for each teleworked day

The results from this year’s Telework Week won’t be available until May, but Telework Exchange’s general manager Cindy Auten is curious to see how the results will compare. According to her, the major challenge that most agencies face with transitioning to telework is measuring returns on investment.

“Capturing the data is really important and not just necessarily whose teleworking and the frequency but also how telework is coming back to meet the agency mission,” Auten said. “Agencies have to quantify the savings, and developing that telework ROI model is going to be very critical.”

Are you planning on attending Telework Week? Click here for more information and to register.







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