The Advantages of Start-ups Over Big Businesses

Yes, starting a business can be intimidating, especially if you’re going up against bigger and more established businesses. But this shouldn’t stop you from getting to the top. Although there will be difficulties such as limited resources and cash flow concerns, the truth is that you’re actually going to have a bit of an edge over bigger companies.


Competitive Pricing

Unlike huge corporations, a budding business has less overhead costs. This means you’ll be able to adjust your pricing and attract more clients.

Easier Collaboration

A smaller business means smaller groups of people. This allows you to work more closely with each other and create a more dynamic work environment.


Unlike big corporations, which are basically boxed inside their business models, you can do pretty much anything you want. If there are big technological developments or an even newer competitor, for instance, you’ll be able to adjust quickly to these changes. On the other hand, big businesses would have to eat everything up before they can stay on top of things.

Less Red Tape

In large corporations, employees would have to go through a long and slow process just to get a project approval. With startups on the other hand, you can make decisions faster with your smaller team.


You’re new and fresh, going to toe-to-toe with other more established names in your industry. You’re an underdog − and that’s what many people happen to like. Better still, since startups have fewer people within their organization, they tend to have a much better, more accessible brand personality.

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