The Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist for your Local DC Business

The Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist for your Local DC Business

Hiring a full-time receptionist may not make sense for your business. You may not feel you have enough tasks and responsibilities to fill up a receptionist’s day, and yet, as a business owner, juggling business calls, mail, your schedule, etc. and managing your business, is just too time consuming to do it all yourself. At Metro Offices we have the perfect solution for you: a virtual receptionist.

A Metro Offices’ a virtual receptionist is the convenience of having a live person to answer your phones, forward messages, and assist you with scheduling, without you having to hire, train and pay for a receptionist on your own. Not only do you not have to pay a receptionist’s salary, but you don’t have to provide the equipment, such as a computer, phone, software, desk, etc., a company receptionist needs.

But Metro Offices can offer you and your business more than just a virtual receptionist. If you find you need additional assistance, we can provide you with a professional virtual assistant to help with all of your administrative tasks. This means you still save money on employee training and equipment, but still get the services and attention of a personal assistant.

You will save time and money by only paying for the services you need and not having to hire, train, and manage employees.

A virtual receptionist is a win/win for any business looking to save money on a service that helps your business run more smoothly. Request a free quote on a virtual receptionist from Metro Offices today!

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