The Benefits of Activity-Based Working

The Benefits of Activity-Based Working

Businesses tend to utilize one of two common office layout plans: traditional private offices along with cubicles or an open-office space plan.

FlexDesk Work Space

Some modern offices, though, are combining the two office plans, leading to the development of the Activity-Based Working setup. Metro Offices, the leading provider of FlexDesk in Chevy Chase, MD, discusses the benefits of Activity-Based Working (ABW).

More Options

Different kinds of work require various environments. With an ABW layout, your employees can enjoy an array of options that will complement their work.


Your staff knows what works for them. There are those who do well in interactive and high-energy environments, while there are others may prefer to work alone in our FlexDesk in Reston, VA. Implementing ABW in your office can help meet the needs of your individual team members, leading to more output.

Encourages Teamwork

A business benefits when everyone in the company shares this idea. An ABW office design can help encourage this. It can also be used to support individual team member needs.

Incorporating Flexdesk Technology

Metro Offices provides virtual office spaces that come with FlexDesk in Tysons, VA. This semi-private workspace solution perfectly complements an ABW environment. It features HON furniture, fast and secured enterprise-grade technology platform business that your company needs. It also has a unified communications platform to ensure maximum productivity in and outside your office. Its amenities include:

  • Grand lobby and reception
  • A spectacular view
  • Community Cafes and Member Lounges designed to enhance productivity
  • Mail Processing, overnight shipping, couriers

Aside from FlexDesk, we also offer hotdesking and day offices that will meet various business needs. For instance, our day offices come with VOI line from HON furniture, providing you with your choice of office configuration and modern aesthetics. You can also count on our award-winning Service Team to support you.

Call us today at (703) 871-5208 for more information about our services.

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