The Future of Business: How a Virtual Office in DC is a Step Forward

The Future of Business: How a Virtual Office in DC is a Step Forward

Virtual Office in DC imageAccording to a study cited in a June 2013 article of Officing Today, a global business center resource, the office of the future will be increasingly flexible and mobile in the coming years. After all, technology offers mainstream solutions such as the Internet, smartphones, and videoconferencing. No longer are people limited to taking long drives or flying out of state to meet others for business.

The above may be causing one to ask if a flexible and mobile solution is in order. If one frequently goes out of Washington DC on a business trip, or if he or she often sees people there for business, then those tasks may not be necessary given the availability of technology solutions. Specifically, one can use a virtual office in DC to do business with others who are even out of state.

How a virtual office can help

At its core, a virtual office is a professional service where someone handles one’s business correspondence. It can range from a mailing address to receive mail, to a trained receptionist to answer one’s phone calls, to an office to handle all communications for a business. Some virtual office providers offer more such as meeting rooms, video conference services, and on-demand workspaces.

Using a virtual office has its benefits. Mainly, it manages one’s correspondence that enables him or her to find more time for more important matters. It can also serve as a temporary, convenient location for meeting clients in the area or for holding video conferences with others out of state. Depending on the office’s amenities, it may even allow one to relax there or to venture leisurely outside.

When to use a virtual office

Expectedly, one may then ask when to use a virtual office. At least two questions may offer some personal insights: is one’s firm relying on walk-in traffic and volume, and will one expect to meet clients in person very often? If the answer to both questions is yes, then a dedicated office space is probably better.

In all, a DC virtual office space or so is a matter of practicality. One may use that solution to meet others for business online or offline at minimal costs. Especially by trying a company with multiple locations such as Metro Offices, one can find a place that provides amenities and services for meeting business needs.

(Article Information and Image from 5 Office of the Future Predictions and Impacts, Officing Today, June 26, 2013)

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