The New Duck Ramps and Their Effect on Your Business

The New Duck Ramps and Their Effect on Your Business

The Capitol Reflection Pool is one of the most popular attractions in Washington, DC, for both humans and animals, specifically ducks. The presence of ducks in the water makes a charming addition to the otherwise stately appearance of the pool. Although ducks had trouble getting into and out of the water, the installation of two dedicated duck ramps proved to be an excellent solution. Metro Offices, your trusted provider of office space for lease, discusses this further.

 Duck Ramps

How Do the Duck Ramps Work?

The slightly sloped limestone coping of the pool makes it hard for ducks to hop over and get out. If provided with an exit, however, ducks can more easily make their way out of the water. The ramps are a collaboration between the non-profit group City Wildlife and the Architect of the Capitol. According to the latter, there are four families of mallard ducks living at the Capitol Reflecting Pool, while migrating ducks usually use the water as a rest stop.

How Can They Affect My Business?

The duck ramps were positively received in general, with many people tweeting about the cuteness of the ducks learning to use the ramps. This kind of activity appeals to a lot of people, making the Capitol Reflecting Pool an even bigger attraction than it already is. With the sheer amount of people in the area, this is an ideal location to set up your business. The area gets plenty of foot traffic from large, diverse groups of people, providing you a wide market.

Metro Offices can provide you with a high-quality office space for rent in the area. Our offices come with high-class amenities and the technology necessary to run your business smoothly. Our grand lobby and reception areas can also boost your company’s image, giving it a polished and professional look that can attract potential clients and employees.

On the other hand, employees near the area can leisurely stroll along the pool after a long day at work and release their stress by watching the ducks.  A recent study by researchers from the University of Exeter, the University of Queensland, and the British Trust for Ornithology suggests that birdwatching can lower levels of anxiety and stress. Watching birds makes people feel more connected to nature, which in turn appeals to their inner peace.

Metro Offices can provide you with a quality office space right in the heart of the metro. When you invest in one of our office spaces, you also have free access to our community cafes and member lounges, professional meeting rooms, and different amenities. We serve Washington and the surrounding areas in DC. Call us today at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about our different services.

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