The Value of Face Time: Rent an Office Space in D.C. and Hold Face-to-face Meetings

The Value of Face Time: Rent an Office Space in D.C. and Hold Face-to-face Meetings

Even with the advantages of modern technology, face-to-face meetings are still vital to success. According to a recent article from Solutions Magazine, while modern technological solutions like video conferencing and high-speed Internet has changed the way professionals hold meetings, conference calls are not enough to duplicate the energy given off by people who are in the same room. Columnist Jeanne O’Brien-Coffey states that in current business culture, the emphasis has shifted from remote communication to engagement and innovation on the corporate level, which is why face-to-face meetings are coming back.

On the other hand, some businesses have resorted to cost-cutting measures in response to economic realities. Cities like Washington D.C. have experienced shrinking job markets due to cutbacks in federal expenditure. Fortunately, businesses in the Metro D.C. area can save on overheads linked to property ownership and administrative staffing and training by renting a shared office space in D.C. from companies like Metro Offices.

O’Brien-Coffey went on to discuss situations in which face-to-face meetings are critical, such as
brainstorming and networking. These sessions are best done in person, and not over the telephone or via video conferencing. Building rapport, which is vital if business owners wish to attract new investors for business expansions, is difficult to do over the phone or on a computer screen.

Business owners can improve their chances of clinching the deal if they set up meetings in one of the well-furnished and well-equipped meeting rooms offered by reputable companies like Metro Offices. Clients will be impressed by the facilities’ on-site administrative support, ergonomic seating, high-speed Internet, and dedicated bandwidth. Business owners and their employees can make their presentations come alive with flip charts, high resolution overhead projectors, and audiovisual equipment.

A well-appointed office space in D.C. can help fire up ideas during brainstorming sessions. Aside from high-tech audio-visual equipment and other tools that aid in presentations, additional amenities like kitchen lounges and beverage services can make brainstorming sessions more convenient and comfortable. Complimentary beverages include coffee, tea, specialty drinks, and spring water.

Aside from bearing more fruit, face-to-face meetings enable participants to interpret body language, which can yield important clues. For example, if the client refuses to make eye contact with the presenter, it could indicate disinterest. In such cases, the presenter can shift the focus of the presentation to regain the client’s interest.

In a fully-furnished and well-equipped conference room, the presenter can use colorful infographics to engage and inform the client. While modern technology has given people the chance to connect with others who may be miles apart, face-to-face meetings are still vital to business success. The proper facilities and the right equipment can help executives close huge deals with investors, and help employees create winning ideas that will drive business growth.


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