Thinking Outside the Box: Customized Workspace Solutions

Thinking Outside the Box: Customized Workspace Solutions

Finding a good office is one of the keys to the success of your start-up business. To get the most out of your office, you need to be more creative and think outside the box. Why? According to, an office space can take a huge percentage of your capital. If you don’t plan carefully, it may drain your resources. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

Metro Offices offers personalized office space and workspace solutions in Herndon and the surrounding area that can benefit business owners.

Virtual Office Space

One emerging workspace trend is virtual office services. This versatile workspace solution offers convenience and accessibility all rolled into one. Many start-ups prefer this office arrangement for its communication, productivity and financial benefits.

Metro Offices provides exactly what you need to get started. Establish a credible image with a professional address and run your business conveniently with the help of a dedicated front desk coordinator. With our virtual office, you can also have a dedicated phone number and enjoy features such as professional call screening, call forwarding and voicemail. Furthermore, you can enjoy high speed Internet connectivity and other business workspace essentials whenever you need them.

Shared Office Space

The concept of sharing an office space is gaining acceptance and popularity. Working in a shared office allows more interaction and exchange of ideas than a traditional work space setup. Furthermore, a lot of shared office spaces provide all the business services you need less the downside of leasing and managing your own office.

Meeting and Training Rooms

Lastly, the growing trend of teleworkers, home-based employees and start-ups paved the way for affordable meeting spaces. We understand that some businesses don’t require a permanent workplace. For times when you and your staff or clients need to meet, you can depend on Metro Offices to provide the space that you need.

Our fully furnished meeting and training rooms provide the perfect place to meet clients and conduct conferences with your colleagues whenever you need to. Our rooms are also equipped with cutting-edge technology and come with exceptional technical support.

Starting a business has never been this convenient. With the help of Metro Offices, you can operate your company in our office space in Herndon, VA or the surrounding area with ease. To know more about our workspace and office solutions, call us today at (703) 871-5208.

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