This Is Why Office Solutions in Farragut Square Are So Popular

This Is Why Office Solutions in Farragut Square Are So Popular

When you need to rent office space in D.C., Farragut Square is a prime location.

As our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. is more than just a bustling city — it’s the home of politicians, lobbyists, governmental organizations, unions, embassies, major law firms, international wheeler-dealers and more. Some of the most important, educated, influential, wealthy and powerful people in the world do business here.

If you run a company in the greater D.C. area, you undoubtedly want a slice of this pie.

But if your business is relatively new, you may not yet have the capital to afford the kind of space the big guys have. It can be kind of a Catch-22 — you have to have money to make money.

But what if you could rent it?

That’s our specialty at Metro Offices. As a service to new companies that can’t yet afford such luxurious quarters, we provide top-of-the-line office space at some of the most prestigious local addresses.

Our offices at 1725 I St. NW in Farragut Square provide clients with prime meeting and office space. You can rent a meeting room for an hour, a day or a month. Or you can lease office space, short or long term.

Office Space Rentals Save Money

One of the best things about renting office space is that it doesn’t require a major investment. You get upscale surroundings, deluxe furnishings and access to all the newest in office technology including printers, copiers, and interactive whiteboards.

Your clients will be impressed as soon as they enter the building and see the beautiful waterfall in the 10-story atrium surrounded by sleek marble walls. Take your prospects out onto the rooftop terrace for a view of our fair city!

But it’s not just the building that impresses clients — it’s the location. We are steps from the offices of the affluent and powerful lobbyists who dominate this area, and their playground that includes the Bombay Club, Morton’s Steakhouse and the bars at the Mayflower and Hay-Adams hotels. Area services and retail shops — including Brooks Brothers, the Tiny Jewel Box, and the Grooming Lounge — reflect the status of their customers.

Coworking Space Rental | Metro Center DC

Farragut Square Office Space

Farragut Square offers an oasis of green in the concrete jungle, and metro stops for the Blue and Red lines on either corner of the park make this area uniquely accessible.

Farragut Square is the opposite of a planned community — the area grew and prospered due to its proximity to the White House. It’s what drew the World Bank to locate its international headquarters here. Our offices are just a short cab drive from the Walter E. Washington Convention Center as well.

The beauty of renting temporary office space is that you get the opportunity to make a fantastic first impression without paying the high costs that come with opulent surroundings in a prime location.

Many of our clients are larger companies and corporations that seek to share office space long-term for local employees. Newspapers, magazines, trade publications and more often need office space for their Washington bureaus. Nonprofits and other national organizations also want a presence in D.C. We can provide a space small enough for one worker or adjoining rooms for a de facto office. We have larger corner offices as well that provide plenty of natural light and views of the city.

Our tenants also have access to a state-of-the-art health and fitness center and get the benefit of 24-hour security.

When you need temporary office space in Washington, D.C., look no further than Metro Offices. We have the right address and the right surroundings to help you impress your clients and get the contracts you need to one day lease your own deluxe quarters! Call us today to find out more about what we have to offer.

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