Three Ways to Create an Office Space on a Budget

Three Ways to Create an Office Space on a Budget

When you decide to launch a home-based business, your house may not provide the perfect space for allowing you room, or convenience, to actually work. Instead of spending the days hunched over your computer in a dark and dirty garage in an attempt at privacy, use a bit of creativity to create a space that facilitates productivity and contentment.

Here are some budget-friendly steps to help you create a great office space:

  • Make technology your colleague. Thanks to the Internet, we have things like Gmail Chat, iChat and Skype that allow us to communicate, face to face, for free! Skype and iChat also provide a screen sharing option that lets co-workers in different offices (or States) see each other’s screens if necessary. Google Docs is a great free tool to use for sharing and organizing company documents, and lets you get away with not having to buy expensive office software.
  • Create a quiet place. Many times, the company budget doesn’t allow for you to build an office separate from the rest of the house. If you find yourself constantly distracted by the noises at home, invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. You will get instant peace and focus and it will allow you to continue to work without disrupting the lives of your family.
  • Don’t play swanky interior designer. IKEA and Craigslist offer office furniture for cheap, or sometimes for free. Peruse the classifieds and neighborhood garage sales for things you can use to furnish your space.

It’s important to note that one area you shouldn’t skimp on is high-speed internet service.  Ask any home-based entrepreneur and they will tell you that the frustration that comes with a slow connection isn’t worth the savings. However, there are so many other ways for you to cut office costs that splurging for a good connection shouldn’t offset you at all.

Does anyone have any other budget-friendly tips they have used to help create a functioning office space at home? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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