Three Ways to Have a Peaceful DC Office Space

Three Ways to Have a Peaceful DC Office Space

Running a business in a DC meeting space can get overwhelming with the day to day tasks required from your employees. Tense environments really do take a toll on one’s health. Not to mention, an edgy office can wreak havoc on productivity.

If you are concerned that your office space in Washington DC  has become a cesspool of stress, take a look at these suggestions below, intended to lighten the mood:

Formalities are good in the office and play a part in getting things done. But too much formality can cause unnecessary tension in the workplace. Make sure your company resembles more a flat organization than a hierarchical structure. This way, employees feel more comfortable approaching management with concerns they may want to address.

All work and no play makes people crazy. You can read about that here. Make sure to set aside specific times throughout the day where everyone shuts down and takes a breather from the projects they have. Interaction with colleagues is key in building rapport, which in turn helps with productivity and collaboration. Need some help with organization? Try one of our Washington DC meeting rooms! You can do something unique like set up a fun coffee or ice cream bar, and we will help you with all the set up!

Give people space to voice suggestions, and do your best to accommodate them. By facilitating an environment conducive to communication, you not only eliminate any fears employees may have when approaching their bosses, but you also start to cultivate a business where people know that what they have to say matters. When people feel important at work, integrity is infused into every aspect of their job.

As an entrepreneur, have you instituted any “casual” policies that help ease the tension with your employees? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below!

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