Tips For a Great Virtual Meeting

Tips For a Great Virtual Meeting

Virtual meetings are the norm in today’s business world since so many companies span the globe with multiple offices, and it isn’t very feasible to add regular plane tickets into the budget. Because present technology allows for face-to-face time, in real time, it doesn’t make much sense to not take advantage of virtual meeting software. But having a successful virtual meeting requires preparation.

The two most important points to keep in mind when having a successful virtual meeting are:

1. Clear communication
2. Easy access to information

Here are some tips to follow that will help each meeting run smoothly:

  • A few days in advance, send all attendees the materials to be used during the meeting. The heads up will give everyone time to review the information and prepare questions/discussion topics
  • Start with a quick catch up from each office
  • Announce the names of all attendees
  • If you cover multiple time zones, be sure to schedule times during business hours for each office involved
  • Frequently ask for comments and participation from the attendees
  • Stay away from acronyms and other corporate lingo if you have non native speakers in attendance
  • Send any login information (passwords, URL’s, software downloads, etc.) a day in advance so users can troubleshoot any issues beforehand
  • Stick with the agenda and timeline

After the meeting, be sure the notes are typed up and sent to every attendee, with the calls to action for each person clearly outlined so there is no room for ambiguity or diffusion of responsibility.

What are some of your own personal tips for pulling off a great virtual meeting? We’d love to hear some feedback! Leave us a comment below!

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