Types of Work Styles and How They Can Affect Your Business

Types of Work Styles and How They Can Affect Your Business

It is common to encounter different kinds of people in the workplace. Some of them you may work well with, while others can be a little challenging. Due to the varied personalities that make up an office environment, understanding work styles can help you communicate better with your peers.

Work Styles

Within a Washington, DC office space, you may meet and work with people with the following types of work styles:

  1. Traditionalists – These people use time-tested methods in doing their work. When they find a process that works, they stick with it.
  2. Innovators – These people like coming up with new ideas to improve the current process.
  3. Producers – These people start on their work immediately, focusing on the results.
  4. Empathizers – People with this type of work style like to mingle with their colleagues. They find satisfaction in working with others.
  5. Visionaries – They are more interested in formulating long-term plans and exploring new possibilities for a better future.
  6. Implementers – People under this work style category make sure that the job is done properly. They attend to every detail and resolve any problem immediately.
  7. Adapters – Employees with this work style can adjust to changes quickly. They prefer a flexible environment rather than a structured one.
  8. Organizers – Clear structure and expectations are important for people who follow this work style. They value order, policies, and procedures.
  9. Planners – They come up with plans before doing anything to resolve an issue or implement a project.
  10. Movers – When faced with a problem, these people take immediate action. They implement solutions, learn from the results, and improve the solution when necessary.
  11. Controllers – These employees like to give orders to their peers, making sure that they do their work.
  12. Independents – Once they understand the goal, these people want to be left alone to work on their own.

Benefits of Understanding Work Styles

Familiarizing yourself with different work styles can benefit you and your company because these personalities affect everything in the office. The following are a few advantages of understanding how you and your peers work:

  • Better communication with peers
  • Improved adaptability to others’ personalities
  • Building on strengths and weaknesses of each employee
  • Development of approaches to reach a more successful outcome
  • Minimized conflicts and problems
  • A more positive work environment

Ideal Workspace for Different Work Styles

Metro Offices is a workspace solutions company in Washington, DC that provides different offices and workspaces that cater to any work style. For people who want to work on their own, we have private offices. For a more collaborative approach, we have team spaces and coworking. We also have a member lounge and community café for community engagement.

Create a strong team who works together to meet your goal with our workspaces. Call us at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about our options.


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