Unified Communication Solutions for a Productive Office

Unified Communication Solutions for a Productive Office

Unified communication is an integration of technologies and processes that aims to improve user productivity. It incorporates various forms of communication exchanged from one to several networks, and as one-to-one.

Productive Office

Metro Offices discusses why it is an important technology solution for your Washington, DC business making your dc office much more productive.

Benefits of Unified Communication

Communication is vital to every business, especially to a startup. That is why the invention of unified communications has benefitted and supported many companies. Unified communications will give you control on how and when to communicate. It will also reduce the difficulties of personal communications via multiple devices. You can reach your coworkers easily, whether you are at the office or at home.

Unified communications will also increase your productivity by expediting business processes with unique collaboration tools. If you need to answer a phone call or reply to an email, you can turn your chat conversation into either of the two. With unified communications, managing your business will become easier.

Features of Unified Communication

At Metro Offices, the workspace solutions that we offer have unified communication features. You can enjoy an enterprise-grade VoIP that is integrated with an easy-to-use platform. If you want to get a visual of your team, we have a graphical user interface. Here, you can also manage your calls via smartphone, laptop, desktop, or any device.

Other features you can look forward to include a virtual boardroom, which allows you to connect with all of your workers virtually. There is also a way to integrate all of your contacts from different sources with our CRM, Google contract integration. We also offer a private chat network, a visual voicemail, and a Microsoft Boomerang mobile integration, which will further help you ensure seamless communication.

If your goal is to increase your overall work productivity, we can help. The unified communication solutions that we provide consolidate all of your communication needs into one easy-to-use interface. With Metro Offices, you can enjoy the benefits of having an IT help desk in Washington, DC for your DC office, in just a few clicks.

Get in touch with us at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about our workspace and unified communication solutions. We would be happy to assist you.


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