Virtual Arlington Office Space Can Make Your Dream Business a Reality

Virtual Arlington Office Space Can Make Your Dream Business a Reality

Are you dreaming about quitting your job to start your own business? Well, you wouldn’t be alone—not by a long shot. According to this article from, the American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the country:


Despite all the challenges small businesses have faced in the past five years, seven out of ten entrepreneurs would start their businesses all over again. Not only that, almost half of all Americans are harboring entrepreneurial dreams of their own…

Additional research by UPS found 48 percent of Americans said they dream about starting a small business, and 71 percent of small business owners said they would choose to open their business all over again.

Those people didn’t say that on a whim, either. Fifty-one percent of small business owners said they have been thinking about starting a business for more than two years, while 31 percent said they’ve been thinking about it for five or more years.

If you forge ahead and open a business, chances are you’ll start small at first and that’s perfectly fine—tech giants like Apple, Google and Amazon all started operating in their respective owner’s garages. Don’t let the term “small business” discourage you either; the U.S. Small Business Administration says that 98% of all business in America have less than a hundred employees. What’s more, the National Federation of Independent Business says that the small-business sector generates two-thirds of the jobs in the country while bringing in half the nation’s GDP.

Before you can begin your entrepreneurial dreams though, you first have to find a suitable Arlington office space. As you might know, however, renting any space is a considerable expense for your business, but companies like Metro Offices offer affordable virtual office spaces that help small businesses like yours grow.

For a drastically smaller fee, virtual offices can provide a prestigious business address, a mail sorting program and a professional receptionist who will take your calls all without actually renting an expensive office space. If you need to meet clients in person, virtual offices allow you to use amenities like business lounges and hi-speed Wi-Fi connection. Choosing a virtual office space in Arlington, VA also allows you to establish a presence in a new market with very little risk.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur? 48% of Americans, That’s Who,, June 18, 2013)


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