Virtual Office Spaces for DC Government Contractors (pt 2)

Virtual Office Spaces for DC Government Contractors (pt 2)

Virtual office spaces for DC government contractors make the most sense on many levels as far as being the most accommodating and effective method for getting their projects complete. Last week we covered a few reasons as to why this is such a smart option. Don’t worry, I have three more points for you to consider this week, too!

This is a huge benefit of working from a shared office space. 90% of government contracts scale up in size as the contract proceeds. In order to accommodate this, Metro Offices gives the option of starting with two or three offices in the beginning, and adding additional ones as they are needed. This is a very cost effective way for them to get their work done since they only pay for space that they actively use. If it’s a long-term project that fluctuates up and down, scaling back is an easy alternative as well.

Metro Offices boasts nine locations in the DC area. This gives agencies the means to attract and retain top talent since there will always be an alternative work location available. These contractors have access to remote workforce solutions like FlexDesks, LifeSize Video Conferencing and VoiP telephony that ensure they get their jobs done in the most efficient manner.
Another benefit of this technology is the ability to connect other subject matter experts from all over the world. And because these locations are so convenient, they are able to be in the nation’s capitol on short notice if necessary.

Proposal Writing
When it comes to proposal writing, it usually requires the whole team, even though the majority of the time these people are working out of their home offices. This can be a very intense process with strict deadlines. It’s a very technical affair, and usually a third party is brought in to write the actual proposal and put the document together because the regulations are so specific. Metro Offices allows these contractors to use meeting spaces and conference rooms on a short term basis in order to get the proposal done.

It’s incredibly cost effective to be able to obtain a shared office space, as needed, with enterprise level technology on a short-term commitment. It’s also incredibly convenient to be able to scale up or scale back according to the needs of your contract. As a DC based government contractor, it is in your best interest to take advantage of these opportunities.

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