Ways to Tell If You Are Motivating or Demotivating Your Team

Ways to Tell If You Are Motivating or Demotivating Your Team

Many employees feel demotivated these days. A recent national study shows that less than 1 in 4 regular employees are actually engaged in their jobs. This means that less than 25% of all the non-management workers in the U.S. are fully motivated and productive.


If you are renting a coworking space in Washington, DC you will want to maximize your investments. Keep in mind that the happiness and motivation of an employee is directly proportional to their productivity. To know if you’re keeping your team inspired, consider the following points:

You are motivating your team when: You are genuinely interested in their career path. A good manager is not just focused on results, but is greatly connected the team’s growth. It does wonders for a worker’s attitude to know that a manager is not just after statistics, but also promotes professional development. Take the time to mentor, coach, and train your team. You might just be saving one from leaving.

You are demotivating your team when: You are unappreciative of their successes – whether big or small. Reality is people like to be acknowledged. Give credit where it is due. This does not mean you will have to pat someone on the back for a job well done. It just means that a few words of encouragement will go a long way.

You are motivating your team when: You align their interests with the company’s goals. This can be pretty tricky, as not all workers will be interested in the mission and vision of a company. Be sure to let them know how valuable their roles are and why they matter to the business. In every organization, each piece is a key player.

You are demotivating your team when: You do not respect their individuality. People have different strengths and weaknesses. What may be easy for a worker might be hard for the other and vice versa. Discover their skills and understand their personalities. Once you get their drift, it would be easier for you to position them according to their efficiency.

You are motivating your team when: You make sure to listen. Use your existing relationships as models. Communication is one of the keys to make a relationship to work. When communicating, there is a time to talk and a time to listen. Sometimes, your employees do not need your speech; they just need to vent out a little. Establish an open environment that builds on respect and ethics.

You are demotivating your team when: You fail to listen. This is obviously the opposite of the previous item. Many people love to be heard. That does not mean you give in to each need of your worker. You have to be sincere in what you do. If you want to cultivate an optimistic and a productive workplace, start by simply listening.

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