What Businesses Need to Know About Our HotDesking Service

Using your office space smartly can reduce overhead costs for your business and increase productivity. Metro Offices can help you assess the optimal desk-to-team-member ratio for your company and provide you with the best HotDesking service. This private workspace solution features a bright and airy environment with fast and secure enterprise-grade technology.

HotDesking Service

Benefits of HotDesking

Studies show that in traditional offices with assigned personal desks, average desk occupancy rarely exceeds 50%. This means that companies are investing significant amounts of money in space they aren’t using. HotDesking eliminates this problem by providing employees more flexibility and improving productivity. In addition, it removes barriers between teams to encourage collaboration and teamwork.

What to Know About HotDesking

HotDesking is a relatively new type of office set-up, and some employees might be reluctant to try it at first. Explain to your staff that performing work in the office is not about owning a desk. It’s about guaranteed access to the right kind of facility for working, and HotDesking can provide that. It’s also worth implementing a few new policies to make space-sharing work.

To ensure a smooth transition to HotDesking, you need lockers and clear desk policy. Whenever employees are out of the office, they need to clear everything from their desk and store it in their lockers. You also need organized storage area for essential files. We recommend using laptops rather than desktops so your employees can move around more conveniently.

HotDesking can create meaningful opportunities for efficiency and savings. Metro Offices has been helping businesses maximize utilization with our HotDesking services for many years. We have many locations in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, including Greensboro Station, Dulles, and Arlington. Call us at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about HotDesking.

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