What Is Cloud Computing and How It Makes A Business Better

What Is Cloud Computing and How It Makes A Business Better

When asked about Cloud computing, many people still don’t have a clear idea what it is when in fact, they are actually a major part of its users. Several others, on the other hand, seem to have a different definition of it. So, what is it exactly?

What Is Cloud Computing and How It Makes A Business Better | Metro Offices

Basically, Cloud computing or simply ‘cloud’ is “virtual servers” available via the Internet. Cloud offers a convenient way of increasing or adding capacities without having to invest on new infrastructure, new software license or training new personnel and the like. It is likened to an upgraded version of ‘utility computing’ where users are able to connect to a supply of computing resources rather than generating their own by managing separate equipment. It somehow works in the same way as when consumers tap into the local electricity supply instead of utilizing a generator.

To help you further understand what cloud computing is, here are some of its benefits:

Easier data management

The Cloud allows you to quickly and smoothly sort through your data and move these between databases. This is very beneficial especially for large companies with tons of data that need to be regularly analyzed and managed. Although the Cloud comes with a hosting cost, you will still save in repair and maintenance expenses, including server and storage costs.

Enhanced connectivity and convenience

It lets you access documents and files no matter where you are – from multiple sources and multiple devices. As long as there is the Internet, you can access everything that is in store.

The Cloud also allows you telecommunicate more frequently with other members of the team regardless of location. If you are in an office rental space in Washington, DC and another team member is in Asia, nothing can stop you from connecting with each other. And if you need someone to work for you but cannot move into your location, the Cloud allows him to do so wherever he may be.

Less IT Work

With cloud computing, you don’t actually have to maintain an in-house IT program, because you are actually outsourcing it already. The Cloud services will deal with risks and security issues, updates and maintenance, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

Disaster Security

Disasters are inevitable; accidents can happen anytime. You certainly don’t want to lose all your data because of such scenarios, right? With the Cloud, you get to avoid this from happening, as it offers a more secure data back-up system. It also stores a cloned version of all your data in case disasters strike and affect your office space in Reston, VA for instance.

Better Business

Because of all these and several other benefits of cloud computing, you become more agile and efficient, thus ultimately leading to a better business overall.

Cloud computing, together with several other workplace solutions can certainly help you boost your business, especially with the growing complexity and competition of every industry today. So, if you are searching for leading workplace solutions, Metro Offices is your trusted partner. Give them a call today!


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