What is Hotdesking and How Does It Benefit You?

What is Hotdesking and How Does It Benefit You?

Employees usually have their own dedicated desks in office spaces. They can freely decorate their tables, store necessary office supplies and add things that can help them do their job. These desks, however, usually sit empty for most of the day, greatly affecting your facilities’s costs. This is where hotdesking helps. This office solution allows employees to share their workstations during the day. This kind of open environment offers valuable benefits, from minimizing costs to building bridges among work cultures. Here are its top advantages:

What is Hotdesking

It Saves Space

Hotdesking is an excellent way to maximize your office space. You not only boost your utilization and productivity, but you also reduce your office size. The amount of unutilized space can go down by up to 40%, helping you promote an environmentally-friendly office.

It Can Promote Self-Improvement

Since this office situation means that your team shares desks, they have a better opportunity to get exposed to varied discussions with a wide range of people. This leads to improved peer-to-peer learning and self-improvement.

It Tears Down Company Walls

Cliques can evolve within organizations, particularly when employees are divided into departments. Hotdesking can help prevent this type of grouping since people from different departments share the same desk. This creates openness, resulting in a stronger bond among your team. Additionally, by including the managers in hotdesking, you can help break down the hierarchy, which can put a strain on workers.

It Helps Inspire Creativity

Sitting at a desk facing the same wall the entire day can get exhausting. With hotdesking, your workers can immerse themselves in new environments, providing a positive effect on the entire team’s thought process. Furthermore, this means that there can be two different job roles working next to each other. They can come up with cross-departmental ideas that will be highly beneficial to your business’s growth.

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