What Kind of Office Space Is Best for Your Business?

What Kind of Office Space Is Best for Your Business?

There’s a lot to consider when you’re searching for office space for your business. Commercial leasing costs are out of reach for many new businesses and startups, so why not turn to the modern solution: temporary or shared office space.

Shared office space can deliver exactly what your company needs as you’re getting started. You just have to know what that is. So, what should you consider when searching for shared office space?

1. How much space do you need?

Do you have several employees? Or only one? Maybe the space is just for you, and you don’t need much. Or maybe you have a small staff. Or perhaps you collaborate with others internally or externally. In the marketing industry, as an example, brainstorming is a big part of the creative process. There is often a need to interact and work cooperatively as a team — copywriters, graphic artists, etc.

In this case, you may want your office space to have a big room where everyone can work together. You would likely want the room to have a projector or video screen sharing capability.

In other situations, you may need a quiet place to work. In shared office spaces both needs can be met. Teams can use larger meeting rooms and individuals can head to private work spaces or out to the common room.

2. Do you need privacy?

The New York Times recently published a story about how the use of office space is morphing to provide more or less privacy as business dictates.

Shared office space comes in many different forms. At its most basic is a big room with long tables equipped with power and wifi. Oftentimes a business will rent an office and then locate workers in the shared space.

The shared space usually prohibits conversation, music or noise of any kind, so when your employee has an issue to discuss, they’ll need to talk about it in your office.

Most businesses looking for shared or temporary office space want at least one office with a door so meetings with employees and phone calls can be private, without disturbing other employees.

You can save money if you plan to use the space this way by renting a small office on the inside with no window.

3. Will you be meeting with clients?

If the answer to this question is yes, you will want more space. Although you can meet with employees easily enough in a tiny spot, you want more room for clients to be comfortable. You will want a desk and chair for yourself and a couple of guest chairs, as well as space to walk comfortably around all the furniture.

An office with a window may cost more, but it impresses clients more too. And renting shared office space is much cheaper than leasing your own offices. Carefully consider your needs when it comes to meeting with clients.

The Harvard Business Review has an article about how to best determine who to invite to meetings so you don’t waste time and space.

4. How often will you be in the office?

If you are the only employee and you need office space only for meetings, you may opt to rent space as needed, versus by the month.

For instance, if you meet with clients several times a month, you can schedule a meeting room for a few hours on the days you have meetings. This will save you significantly over the cost of renting an office on a monthly basis.

Regardless of the type of space your business needs, Metro Offices can help. We offer temporary office space by the month, week, day or even hourly. Whether you need a large meeting room for a team, a small office to meet with clients or space for your team members to come in and work on an as-needed basis, we can help.

Browse our locations and call Metro Offices today to find out how we can help you find the best shared office space for your business.





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