When to Use DC Office Space

When to Use DC Office Space

Whether your office is in your home, across the city or just not an ideal environment for an important meeting, on-demand DC office space is the perfect solution to establish a professional image and promote productivity while keeping costs low. It isn’t always possible to know in advance when you will need a meeting room or private office, but with instant access to DC office space throughout the DC Metro Area, arranging for an office when you need one is hassle-free.

Top business owners and managers are always on the look-out for new and improved ways to do business, and DC office space fits the bill for cost-effective and efficient business solutions. Having access to on-demand office space allows businesses to reserve the space only when they need it.

Consider these situations in which DC office space can provide the solutions necessary to benefit your business:

Home-Based Business

Having a home-based business has many perks; working from home in your pajamas may be at the top of the list. But on occasion the home office doesn’t provide the environment conducive to certain business tasks, including meetings with important clients. With DC office space, home-based business owners can reserve fully-equipped private offices any time they need them. Whether it is once a week or once a month, using an executive suite, virtual office or even shared office space can provide the flexibility and tools necessary to gain the competitive edge.

DC Government Contractors

Business and government contractors require a high level of mobility and flexibility as well as cutting edge technology, and DC office space meets these essential requirements. Government contractors can access strategically located offices through out the DC Metro Area to find an office location that is best for a specific project or client. With less travel and access to technology, state of the art office equipment and professional administrative staff, DC government contractors are free to focus on important assignments and client relationships.

DC Teleworkers

The freedom and flexibility available through telework are a great benefit to employees and businesses a like. Still, there are times when nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting or time in a professional office environment.  For times like these, teleworkers can easily access DC office space to fill in the gaps, providing a fully-equipped workspace in a prestigious DC Metro location. From a virtual club business lounge and DC meeting rooms to shared office space and private executive offices, DC office space takes telework to the next level, proving that working remotely does not have to mean the end of professionalism.

Start-Up Businesses

When you are trying to get a new company off the ground, it can be challenging to compete with the top dogs in the industry. DC office space levels the playing field by enabling start-up businesses to promote a professional image. New businesses can obtain a prestigious DC address for business cards and mailings and utilize phone answering services and trained administrative support to help establish a new company as a professional force to be reckoned with. Clients are more willing to trust a company that seems established, and with on-demand DC office space solutions businesses of any size can send the message that they are open for business and serious about providing the best services.

For more information on DC Office Space, Executive Offices, FlexDesk and other cost-effective business solutions visit Metro Offices online at www.metroffice.com.

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Kathlene Buchanan is the president and founder of Metro Offices, one of the premiere, women-owned, executive office centers in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. With presence in 8 different locations throughout the capital area, Metro Offices offers a full range of innovative business solutions and advanced technologies to help businesses compete in today’s transitioning business environment. Buchanan has been in the industry since 1979, and Metro Offices has been operating since 1989 with locations in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

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