Where You Sit in a Meeting Matters More Than You Think

Where You Sit in a Meeting Matters More Than You Think

At every table, there is something called the power seat, which relates to the power dynamics between your location on the table and the group. Most, if not all, of us have been exposed to the different group setting dynamics in our family. As children, we unconsciously designate the power seat as the one with the most authority. At the dinner table, the parents typically have the power seats, while the children are on the sides.

Meeting Matters

Where you sit during a meeting will subconsciously influence the way the other team members perceive you. Metro Offices, the leading provider of meeting rooms, explains more:

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables are common in meetings with large groups of people. By sitting on either end of the table, you unconsciously send unspoken messages, like being the leader, or being in control, to the rest of the group. Being in that position gives you a full view of the other people on the table, which can be communicated as a sign of power. It is no surprise that during conferences and board meetings, the president of the company usually sits at the end. On the other hand, sitting along the length of the table sends a message that you are part of the team and that you are there to collaborate with them. It can also make you seem more approachable.

While these perceptions are not obvious at first, sitting in either power seat will allow you to notice the shift in power dynamics in your team. Boost your professional image by hosting a meeting in our state-of-the-art meeting space.

Round and Square Tables

Smaller groups of people usually make use of a square or round table for their meetings. Even with these equally spaced tables, there is still an opportunity for a power seat. To claim that seat in a square table, simply move your chair back a bit,.

Round tables give everyone equal authority, which is perfect for promoting discussion among people with equal status. To gain the power seat, you can either move your seat back slightly or remove the seats next to you if they are vacant.

It’s also important to ensure that your meeting room is well-designed and professional. Metro Offices can help you with a meeting space or conference center for your company. To learn more about our different offers, call us at (703) 871-5208. We serve Arlington, VA, and nearby areas.

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