Why Coworking is Changing Today’s Office Landscape

Why Coworking is Changing Today’s Office Landscape

coworkingAt Metro Offices, we know that coworking is changing how and where we work. It’s a trend that our team has understood for years now, as demonstrated by our innovative workspaces at the recently opened center at Greensboro Station Place, as well as shared workspaces at all of our other centers. Now the research is proving just how widely this concept is being embraced throughout the business world.

A Boom in Coworking

According to a report released by the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, the number of coworking spaces in America skyrocketed from one in 2005 to 781 in 2013. Inc. magazine observes the coworking trend didn’t show any signs of slowing down from 2012 to 2013, when the amount of coworking space increased 83%, and coworking memberships increased 117%.

But what is drawing workers to coworking spaces and helping redefine work today? With the cultural shift to mobility, more people are parting ways with their traditional work environment. In the corporate setting, cubes are being shrunk to reduce costs and enhance productivity, and employers are encouraging their employees to adopt alternative work strategies. This freedom allows employees to work anywhere.

Home offices offer an integration of work and life, yet the lack of social interaction can lead to loneliness and slower business growth. Distractions make working at home a challenge for many. And then there’s the local coffeeshop, that trendy workspace that offers free wifi and good coffee, but is not designed for work. The noise and lack of privacy are major concerns for workers.

A New Way to Work

Coworking spaces feature sharing of collective space that allows for greater collaboration; multifunctional spaces designed for meetings and other activities; lounges and other amenities; and the sense of community that mobile workers have been missing. In fact, a 2011 Deskmag survey of more than 1,500 coworkers in 52 countries found:

  • 75% reported an increase in productivity since joining their space.
  • 80% reported an increase in the size of their business network.
  • 92% reported an increase in the size of their social circle.
  • 86% reported a decrease in their sense of isolation.
  • 83% reported that they trusted others in their coworking space.

Coworking is clearly here to stay, but while many spaces look the same, the reality is that it is important to find the right DC office space for you. Metro Offices invites you to stop by and give our coworking spaces a test run! Experience our enterprise-class technology, and meet other members and our award-winning support team. Call (703) 871-5208 to request a quote and start in a Metro Office tomorrow!

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