Why Telework is the Ultimate Employee Benefit that Benefits Business

Why Telework is the Ultimate Employee Benefit that Benefits Business

While telework has many benefits for employees and has proven to be a great way to keep employees loyal to the company, it also brings numerous benefits to businesses. Companies and organizations can experience big cuts in operational costs, improve employee effectiveness and increase environmental efficiency.

Telework Solutions offers to the total package to DC federal agencies and businesses that are moving forward to answer the call from the federal government to increase telework efforts. The transition from working in a traditional office environment to working remotely can be challenging, but the right services and support cut out the trial and error and keep business running smoothly through the changes.

By utilizing innovative Telework Solutions, businesses have access to cutting-edge telework technology and on-demand, professional DC meeting rooms, which revolutionize the way business is done. Employees can use the technology, such as the VoIP platform, to work from the comfort of their homes, or they can reserve a convenient, private office in one of many available locations around the DC Metro Area.

Telework Solutions is a big, but simple step, toward making a company more efficient, productive and environmentally-friendly. If inclement weather or other crises make getting to the office impossible, having Telework Solutions as a part of business practices means there will be no need for business slow down. Workers will remain productive and customers will stay happy, even if the rest of the DC Metro Area is closed for business. Telework is the ultimate business continuity plan.

Among the business benefits to Telework Solutions are:

  • Unified Communications including VOIP with local number
  • Follow-me/ Find Me phone technology
  • Unlimited domestic long distance
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Telephone answering
  • Call screening
  • Membership to all Metro Office locations
  • Access to meeting rooms, Virtual Clubs, Lounges, FlexDesks, and Guest Offices at any Metro Office location

To learn more about Telework, Executive Office Spaces, and other cost-effective business solutions visit Metro Offices online at www.metroffice.com.

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