Workplace Happiness Achievable with Ideal Office Space in Fairfax, VA

Workplace Happiness Achievable with Ideal Office Space in Fairfax, VA

Industry NewsKatherine Schrieber, a writer from the health portal Greatist insists that workplace happiness is not the same as workplace productivity. Nonetheless, she said, it is a good start because, “happier workers stick around longer, bring more energy and enthusiasm to their tasks, and help maintain organizational morale.”

Research on industrial organization over the years has proven that office-based employees prefer and respond positively to the same things. Whether they’re working at an established office space in Fairfax, VA or in a simple building in Chevy Chase, MD, there are three important aspects in a workplace that employers can focus on to make their employees happy:

It has been noted by several studies that employees saddled with less rigid schedules were much less prone to resign than those who had to work on a stricter schedule. Moreover, those who were allowed to take leaves for family-related matters and make up for it outside office hours—even outside the office— become more efficient and are less likely to call in sick.

A slight difference in temperature can adversely affect the competitive atmosphere in a workplace. Studies show that ideal temperatures fall on the 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit range. A little higher than that range and it becomes a bit uncomfortable, and a little lower than that will make workers perceive the environment as less friendly.

Aside from headphones, which can drown out unnecessary noises in the background, efficient office furniture and machines can help workers to focus more on what they do. MetrOffice, a company that specializes in providing an ideal office space in Fairfax, Metro Center, and other DC metropolitan key areas, allows companies to lease well-equipped office spaces for as short as a day-long company meeting or video conferencing up to long-term arrangements.

Some encouragement must come in the form of morale-boosting interaction with colleagues and bosses. The management should see to it that that their employees continue to have faith in the company. HR practices and other programs designed to help the office become a fun place will also help the management in dealing with employee retention.

Challenges keep people interested in work too. Posing more difficult but doable assignments on a regular basis, such as a presentation, helps employees to stay in tune with their career goals. Lastly, authoritarian boss models are definitely out because no one needs the extra stress from dealing with an oppressive supervisor.


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