Understanding Different Work Styles

Understanding Different Work Styles

People bring different skills, talents, and work styles to a team. When you understand these differences, you become a better leader. You can then work with your team more effectively and turn those differences into an advantage. When every member of your team complements each other, you can get more work done. Metro Offices explains how to understand different work styles.

What are the different work styles?

There are four basic types of work styles. When choosing a new office space in Arlington, VA, you need to consider all these different approaches. The first thing you need to do is identify your team members’ work styles. Logical workers are data-oriented, analytical, and linear. Organized workers are detail-oriented, planners, and sequential. Supportive workers are emotionally oriented, expressive, and relationship-focused. Big-picture workers are ideation-oriented, strategic, and integrative.

How can you determine work styles?

You can use unconscious behavior and personal habits to determine work styles. H Do they move their hands when they speak, or are they more stoic? Are they terse or verbose when they write? Do they submit work in advance of deadlines, or do they wait until the last minute? These are just a few examples. Another effective method is to just ask your team.

In this case, our collaboration spaces can be an effective workspace solution in Arlington, VA. These areas are fully equipped for team-building exercises. You will also have full access to on-site administrative support, along with an executive café, vending machines, spring water, and coffee.

How do you leverage work styles?

Make sure to leverage the strengths of these different working styles. Supportive workers excel in building relationships and facilitating team interaction. They are also great at persuading or selling ideas. They will communicate ideas to the team effectively. Big-picture workers are catalysts for change; they can synthesize disparate ideas and brainstorm solutions to problems. They are the ones driving innovation and ensuring variety in execution and ideas.

Organized workers will make sure everything is on time. They are wonderful at structuring projects, and establishing order. They make great planners because they anticipate issues and have back-up plans before taking action. Logical workers excel in processing and analyzing data. They are critical to solving complex problems. They focus on achieving the stated goal and in measurable results.

A great office space in Arlington, VA, like the one we provide, is crucial to your team’s success. We configured our team spaces to optimize productivity. We provide fast and secure enterprise-grade technology along with a robust communications platform. Our award-winning service team is also there to help, so your team can focus on more business-critical tasks.

Understanding different work styles leads to a happier and more productive workplace. By acknowledging and working with your team’s different approaches to work, you will bring out their full potential. One way to do this is by having the appropriate work environment.

Metro Offices is the local leader in providing on-demand workspaces and virtual offices. We can personalize our offices to your needs. Give us a call to learn more about work styles or to learn more about our services.

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