3 Design Tips for an Interactive Office Space

3 Design Tips for an Interactive Office Space

Contemporary businesses are now opting for a more open, interactive design for their office spaces. After all, today’s workplace is not just about function anymore—it should also inspire communication and close interaction between colleagues. This results in a bonded team and a more comfortable office setting without compromising productivity.

If you are thinking of incorporating a better design for your workplace, turn to Metro Offices, your provider of quality office space for rent in Tysons. Here are some easy ways to create a workplace that promotes interaction:

1. Position common areas around central locations. This means designating zones for the coffeemaker, vending machines, and mailboxes near restrooms, elevators, or stairwells. This allows you to tap into existing office traffic. As a bonus, your team does not have to walk through two hallways just to get a cup of coffee. In particular, you should include resources like printers and copiers which need collaborative problem-solving on occasion. Since shared resources are close at hand, everyone can easily get what they need and be back to their stations in no time.

2. Consider privacy. You can do a bit of experimenting with the number and type of resources in your office space in Tysons to control traffic. There should also be areas in your workplace that facilitate private conversations. Create alcoves and other peripheral areas for this reason. This also helps people filter who they want to interact with. For instance, they will be able to see who is coming and have the choice to avoid meetings in that space.

3. Encourage informal interaction. The purpose of an interactive office design is to strengthen the bond between your team through communication. It is better to be a little more lax about the rules about the use of the space. You should also make sure that the culture expected in the space reflects the overall organization’s. If higher-ups do not mingle much with the other employees, for instance, it is likely that they will not do so here either.

When aiming for a workplace that inspires interaction, turn to Metro Offices for quality solutions. We are not just your premier provider of high-end virtual offices and meeting rooms in Tysons. We also offer efficient yet comfortable office spaces that fit your specific work style. Our Team Spaces, for example, features an open and flexible environment that allows for customization on your preferred level of engagement.

Experience a more interactive workplace when you turn to Metro Offices. Fill out our form today for a free consultation.

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